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Welcome to Windsor & Florence Management LLC

For Windsor and Florence, the cornerstone of our success is our reputation for professional integrity, and our goal is to drive greater client satisfaction by creating an outstanding experience for all the people that we serve.

Today, many corporations, owners, and investors, are looking to outsource the management, and maintenance of their corporate, REO, and privately owned properties. By outsourcing these functions to Windsor and Florence, these successful companies and agencies can redirect their resources to address their core business functions.

Windsor and Florence is a multi-dimensional company that services a variety of clients covering a spectrum of commercial and privately owned properties. We specialize in REO asset management, property maintenance services, and construction management services.

From the outsourcing of day-to-day property management and maintenance services, to individually focused real estate asset management, Windsor and Florence is your true one-stop solutions provider! We will design, deliver, and manage a high quality, cost effective solution to service, and care for all of your real estate assets. Businesses with distinctive style and tastes rely on Windsor and Florence Management for all of their real estate outsourcing needs!

residential arches, 34452 Crystal River, Hernando County, Florida

Property Maintenance Services

Personalized dedicated service is our specialty. Give us the opportunity to repair or maintain just one of your properties and you will see the difference Windsor and Florence can make for you. Smart businesses use Windsor and Florence because all of our services are focused on cost control and expense reduction while preserving the long-term physical and economic value of your real estate assets.>> Read More

bank owned homes, 34442 Highlands, Citrus County Florida

REO Asset Management Services

Many of our clients have the sole objective to sell their distressed properties at the highest possible value in the shortest amount of time. At Windsor and Florence we understand the current Real Estate market and we do what it takes to bring these properties to market in the best light possible and, at the least expense, to help our clients reach their goals. You deserve only the best.>> Read More Here



Windsor & Florence Management

Windsor and Florence has been providing commercial and residential maintenance and construction services for over 20 years. Business earned strictly through referral has been the benchmark for which Windsor and Florence has measured its success. From parking lot sweeping to new building construction, Windsor and Florence has the resources and expertise necessary to maintain and enhance a property’s appearance while preserving your budget and bottom line.

During these difficult economic times, it is more important than ever to present your properties in a manner which you and your tenants can be proud of and which sets you apart from your competition in a positive manner. Windsor and Florence Management wants to work with you to achieve your goals. Bank Asset Managers, Realtors, Attorneys, and Owners can expect quick and professional results from Windsor and Florence Management.

thinking out of the bowl, 34450 Citrus Hills  Citrus County Florida

Your Total Property Solutions Provider

What makes a business successful? Its People! People who can solve problems, who can think up ideas and then develop those ideas into practical applications. Windsor and Florence Management is a one-stop, full service Real Estate solutions provider.

We think outside of the box (or bowl) to offer your business creative solutions that will set your property apart. Our company is built on the fundamentals of delivering the highest level of services and solutions to its patrons and clients.

success at everything, 34453 Inverness, Sumter County, Florida

We Believe in Your Success

Our clients come to Windsor and Florence because of our reputation; they stay because they receive a quality and style of personal service that they cannot find elsewhere. We are an organization that believes success is achieved through experienced and professional management.

Consistent first-class service and performance is critical to the success of our company, and we are committed to making it the bedrock of our standard of service to you.

Windsor and Florence Management, LLC | P.O. Box 1454 | Inverness, FL 34451 | 352-419-9710

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